Trails routed on the Kanalski Kolovrat and on the edge of plateau Banjšice offer gorgeous views towards the Julian Alps. By bike, ob foot or by car visitors can discover the intact corners of nature, remains of World War I, rich natural and sacred heritage of the countryside and enjoy the gorgeous panoramic views.

  1. cycling trail: Lig - Gorenje Nekovo - Humarji - Kambreško - Lig

    Time: 0h 45m
    Distance: 14km
    Difficulty: easy

    Korito LAKA, Kambreško


    Sights along the trail: sanctuary Marijino Celje in Lig, hearth kitchen in the Lukčeva House in Kambreško – a monument of local importance with an ethnological war collection, water trouhhts and collectors from the First World War.


  2. cycling trail: Avče - dolina Doblarca - Pušno - Srednje - Kambreško - Ročinj - Avče

    Time: 2h 00m
    Distance: 24km
    Difficulty: moderate

    Korito Pušno


    Sights along the trail: Church of St. Martin in Avče, monument to the fallen villagers of the Nation Liberation in Avče, memorial to he falling of a meteorite in Avče, gorge in Doblar, Church of the holly Trinity in Srednje, water troughs and collectors from the First World War in Kambreško, hearth kitchen in Lukčeva House in Kambreško - a monument of local importance with an ethnological war collection, "Savinka" waterfall near Kambreško, tree park in Ročinj (at the adress Ročinj 79, sundial at Dom Valentina Staniča in Ročinj, the "Zdenc" water spring and the church of St. Andrew in Ročinj.



  3. cycling trail: Levpa - Zatrebež - Široka njiva - Zavrh - Kal nad Kanalom - Vrhavč - Ilovca - Zabrdo - Levpa

    Time: 2h 00m
    Distance: 24km
    Difficulty: difficult


    Sights along the trail: Church of St. Stefan in Levpa, NOB (Nation Liberation) monoument, museum "Pri Jugovih" in Avšje, the Churchies of St. George and St. Tomas in Kal nad Kanalom.


  4. cycling trail: Korada - Lig - Markiči - Ukanje - Golo Brdo - Senik - Korada

    Time: 4h 00m
    Distance: 30km
    Difficulty: difficult

    Kanal-Lig-Korada 045


    Sights along the trail: the church of St. Genderca on Korada, the sanctuary Marijino Celje in Lig, the Church of St. Maria in Golo Brdo.Kanalski Kolovrat


  5. cycling trail: Kanalski Vrh - Mrcinje - Banjšice - Krvavec - Bate - Kanalski Vrh

    Time: 4h 00m
    Distance: 17km
    Difficulty: easy

    Akumulacijsko jezero, Kanalski Vrh


    Sights along the trail: Kanalski vrh reservoir, First World War museum on Banjšice, the Church of the Holy Cross in Bate.


  6. cycling trail: Kanal - Lig - Korada - Vrtače - Plave - Deskle - Kanal

    Time: 2h 30m
    Distance: 27km
    Difficulty: difficult

    Vrtače IMG_0155


    Sights along the trail: bridge in Kanal, visit of Kanal's old town centre featuring the Parish Church of. St. Mary of the Assumption, Neptune's Fountain and the Kontrada Square with Riko Debenjak's Gallery and memorial room as well as the Gothic House, sanctury Marijino Celje in Lig, the Churchies of St. Jacob in Debenje, St. Genderca on korada and St. John the Baptist in Plave


  7. Soča river cycling trail: Tolmin - Most na Soči - Kanal - Plave - Solkan

    Time: 4h 00m
    Distance: 38.1km
    Difficulty: moderate

    Ponikve (3 of 6)

    The Soča river cycling trail passes the natural and cultural sites of the Central Soča Valley. It mostly runs on local roads and partly on a regional road. We begin in one of the most beautiful places nature has to offer, in Tolmin, where the river Soča meets the river Tolminka. We then take the cycling trail along the lake to Most na Soči, where an interesting archeological site is located. In Most na Soči, we turn to a side road towards Tolminski Lom and cross the river Idrijca. After a short and steep ascent, we arrive to the settlement of Drobočnik, where we turn right and head towards Gorenji Log. The route becomes slightly more demanding at this part, running on a narrow dirt track to Avče, a natural location of the extremely rare Mediterranean fern species called Venus hair fern (Adiantum capillus veneris). This part of the route between Gorenji Log and Avče is not paved and is suitable only for trekking and mountain bikes. It is recommended to descend towards the Vogršček stream on foot instead of on a bike. From Avče, we descend on the local road towards the medieval town of Kanal, drive by the „Lourdes of Kanal“ to the central square with Neptune's fountain and then by the church to the old market town of Kontrad with Gothic house and gallery of Riko Debenjak. Then we cross the famous two-arched stone bridge in Kanal and head towards Gorenja vas. Before the ascent, we can visit the local cheese factory Kanal or the Keramost gallery on the right bank of the Soča river. We continue our way along the settlements of Anhovo and Ložice to Plave. At the crossroads by the bridge over Soča river, we head towards Vrhovlje (Goriška Brda). Shortly after the start of the ascent, the route turns left towards the Soča river. From here, we ride on a properly paved bike path immediately along Soča river. We can admire Sveta Gora and the mastery of the builders of the Bohinj railway - the stone galleries and the Solkan bridge, before arriving to Solkan. The section of the trail from Plave to Solkan is suitable for families, as it runs on the bike path.

    We recommend that you get a trekking or a mountain bike for the tour and use protective equipment (helmet, goggles, gloves).

    You can take the train to return to the starting point: the available railway stations are Solkan, Plave, Anhovo, Kanal, Avče and Most na Soči.

    To restore your strength, visit the local restaurants (Tolmin, Most na Soči, Kanal, Deskle, Ložice, Plave, Solkan).

    The trail is also suitable for winter tours. In the summer months, you can take a quick dip in the Soča river to freshen up.

    Muzejski vlak in Progra solkan plave (53 of 66)DSC_0634