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Ascent to Mt. Sveta gora under the ridge of Mt. Kuk and Mt. Vodice

Circular tour with a moderate ascent to Mt. Sveta gora where you can visit the Basilica of the Mother of God on Mt. Sveta gora and enjoy in a wonderful view of the Gorizia lowlands and the surrounding mountains.

This tour will take you from the village of Plave past the village of Paljevo towards the hamlet of Baske and then to the top of Mt. Preški vrh and to the top of Mt. Sveta gora. If you turn left at the junction in Paljevo, you arrive to the Church of St. Quirinus on the ridge above the village of Paljevo where you can also notice the markings of the Walk of Peace leading to Mt. Prižnica (observation point 383, Prižnica memorial park). Between Paljevo and Baske, you will cycle in the shade of the forest and along a rocky cart track with occasional views of the Soča Valley with Mt. Krn in the background. In the spring time, the forest grounds are covered with a green carpet of wild garlic decorating the environment with its distinctive smell and beautiful white flowers. On Mt. Sveta gora, you can visit the renowned basilica, enjoy in views of the Adriatic Sea and the mountains and refresh yourself in the restaurant. If you continue from the basilica towards the cemetery and further along the wide gravel footpath along the ridge, you arrive to the statue of St. Francis where you can enjoy in wonderful views. If you bring a torch and use appropriate footwear, you can carefully descend along the footpath from the statue to one of the most attractive caverns, which was tunneled through the hill and to the other side of the mountain. On your return from Mt. Sveta gora, descend from the Preški vrh pass along the sunny side of the hill beneath Mt. Vodice and continue through the hamlets of Zagomila and Zagora to the main road next to the Soča River. If you continue descending straight ahead from the Preški vrh, you arrive to the top of Mt. Vodice, which is also criss-crossed with numerous caverns from World War I and which hosts the General Gonzaga Mausoleum. Next to the main road towards the town of Tolmin, you can find the Dermota Inn which is renowned for its grilled dishes. If you turn left a little further from the bus stop and continue along the gravel road towards the Soča River, you can notice the Chapel of St. Aloysius where a large cemetery was located during the battles of the Isonzo front. This section along the Soča River is very nice and peaceful and leads all the way to the village of Plave.

During the summer months, it can get pretty hot if you cycle along the short ascent from the village of Plave to the village of Paljevo in the afternoon, however, the heat is soon replaced by the freshness of the forests from the village of Paljevo to the hamlet of Baske where the trail is routed beneath Mt. Kuk.

You can find restaurants in Plave, at the top of the mountain next to the basilica and along the main road on your return to the village of Plave.

Sights along the trail:  St. John the Baptist in Plave,Mt. Sveta Gora, Prižnica memorial park, outdoor museum Vodice viewpoint Vodice, Trail connecting three sanctuaries, Walk of Peace

​(Foto: Srečko Križnič)

22,8 km
3h 15min