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Cycling to Mt. Korada

A picturesque and moderate ascent to the Kanalski Kolovrat Ridge and the top of Mt. Korada from where you can admire the Dolomites Mountain range, Carnic Alps, Julian alps with Mt. Triglav, Mt. Golaki and Mt. Snežnik if the weather is nice.

Drive from the village of Plave along the right bank of the Soča River towards the village of Ložice. Soon after, turn to the left through the railway underpass and then to the right along the paved road routed past the Plave Railway station. Nowadays, there are just a few users of this railway station, however, it used to be quite busy because the women from the Goriška brda Region used to travel by train to the Gorenjska region and all the way to the city of Ljubljana to sell their fruit. Join the road Plave–Vrtače and ascend along the crystal clear Zamedvejski potok Stream. Just in front of the first hairpin bend, you will notice the ruins of the old mill. This stream is renowned for its wonderful pools and the Divja jama Cave. Drive through the hamlet of Zamedveje and, when you reach the end of the hamlet, start following the gradual gravel ascent. When you arrive to the hamlet of Vrtače, you will, at the hairpin where the footpath from the village of Plave joins this road, notice a water reservoir with a trough and a tap where you can stop and refresh yourself on the bench in front of the trough. Somewhat higher, you will return on a paved road which you will follow to the Na skednju restaurant where you can refresh yourself with tasty local food and enjoy in wonderful views. When you overcome the hairpin bends above the hamlet of Vrtače, you soon reach the Kanalski Kolovrat Ridge where you can enjoy in splendid views of the mountains. Continue to the left. When you reach the Partisan memorial on your right, start following the markings to the mountain hut. From there, you only have to cycle or walk for the last few metres until you reach the top. Mt. Korada was an important location for the traditions of ancient believers. You can still notice the remnants of the fortified military positions on the Isonzo front which were also visited by the Italian king Viktor Emanuel III during World War I. Today, the top represents one of the six points of the zero order national geodetic network. If you continue further along the footpath, you will notice the Church of St. Gertrude. You should return to the starting point along the same route you came from or along the paved road to the villages of Vrhovlje and Plave. In this case, you will drive past the ruins of the highest lying farm beneath Mt. Korada (Kobalar) and enjoy in a splendid view of the Goriška brda Region.

The gravel road from the hamlet of Zamedveje to the hamlet of Vrtače is not busy and is surrounded by forest. In the summer it offers shade even during the hottest hours of the day, whilst during the winter, it offers sunshine and shelter from the Bora wind.

You can find restaurants in the village of Plave, in the hamlet of Vrtače and on the top of the mountain. This tour is also appropriate for e-cyclists.

Sights along the trail:  St. John the Baptist in  Plave, the Churc of St, Gendrca on Korada, Korada – viewpoint and important peak during First World War, Walk of Peace, Juliana Trail

(Foto: Mitja Madon, Srečko Križnič)

20,4 km
3h 40min