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The Soča valey

soska dolina 1
The Soča Valley, the valley along the emerald River Soča, flows from north-west part of Slovenia to the Gorica area, where the valley is spread out to a large plain. The River Soča passes through many famous places, such as Bovec, Kobarid, Tolmin, Kanal and then flows 20km up until the biggest town of the north Littoral region, Nova Gorica.
The Soča Valley is divided into the upper and lower Soča Valley. The following towns belong to the upper Soča Valley: Tolmin, Kobarid and Bovec, where, thanks to its geographical position, cultural and historical interesting features, the tourism is already well-developed. The most attractive features are the River Soča, the hills and mountains, and historical sightseeing, in particular the reminders of the First World War. Throughout the whole valley, the River Soča attracts many visitors, who opt for sport, recreation and relax, summer rest, fishing and other nature lovers. In fact, due to its emerald colour, the River Soča in its upper current is one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe.
Kanal is situated in the lower Soča Valley, i.e. between Tolmin and Nova Gorica.