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Northern Kanal Circle

Demanding cycling tour with excellent views all the way to the Adriatic Sea, Julian Alps and the Dolomites Mountain range. This tour is routed along gravel roads and cart tracks and occasionally along paved side roads.

This thoughtfully selected trail is ideal for well-prepared mountain bike aficionados. The unbusy gravel roads and grassy trails are perfect to recharge your batteries or to disconnect yourself from your everyday life. The beautiful artificial lake in the vicinity of the village of Kanalski Vrh is only one of the numerous interesting sites where you can simply stop and enjoy in nature. The next one is the crossing of the Banjška planota Plateau, followed by the excellent sightseeing point in the hamlet of Vrhavče. You will also be able to enjoy in excellent views later when the trail will take you above the village of Kal nad Kanalom all the way to the villages of Testeni and Široka Njiva from where you will finally descend past the site of the falling of a meteorite Avče and visit the hamlet of Močila decorated by the Mediterranean fern called the Venus hair fern (Adiantum capillus veneris)

Sights along the tour:

- St. Martin's Church in Avče

- Memorial to the falling of a meteorite in Avče

- Accumulation lake of the hydropower plant Avče

- Church of St. Anthony of Padova in Kanalski Vrh

- Vrhavč Viewpoint (views of the Soča Valley, Julian Alps and the Dolomites Mountain Range)

- Church of St. Stephen in Levpa

- Collection “Pri Jugovih” in Avšje

- Church of Our Lady of the Snows in Nadavče

45,7 km