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Northwestern Kanal Circle

Technically undemanding tour along the local roads, gravel trails and tractor trails.

Demanding cycling tour along the right bank of the Soča River with splendid views from the Kanalski Kolovrat Ridge. In the Doblarca Gorge you will come across wonderful pools with small waterfalls, whilst the little-visited trail will connect you with nature and your thoughts. In the village of Srednje, where wonderful views open towards Mt. Kolovrat and Mt. Matajur in the background, you can find a perfect spot to take a rest after overcoming a long ascent. The rest of the trail is also routed through forests all the way to the village of Kambreško where you can replenish your water supply and visit the Lukčeva hiša House. The most difficult part of the trail is already behind you at this point and you only have to gently continue along the top of the Kanalski Kolovrat Ridge and descend to the town of Kanal where you can find numerous catering service providers and treat yourself with a warm meal and a good drink.


Sights along the trail:

St. Martin's Church in Avče, Memorial to the falling of a meteorite in Avče, Doblarca Gorge, Church of the Holy Trinity in Srednje, World War I troughs and water reservoirs, Kitchen with the fireplace in the Lukčeva hiša House in Kambreško – Monument of local importance with an Ethno-military collection, Marijino Celje Pilgrimage Centre in Lig, Church of St. James above Debenje

Themed Trails: Connecting Path of the Three Temples (connecting three St. Mary’s temples: Mt. Sveta gora above Solkan, Marijino Celje Pilgrimage centre in Lig and Castlemonte Monestary above Cividale in Italy), Walk of Peace (connecting areas, people and the rich cultural and natural heritage along the former Isonzo front), Juliana Trail (circular long-distance hiking trail with an additional trail connecting the central Julian Alps with Nova Gorica across the Kanalski Kolovrat Ridge and through the Brda region)

Kanal – centre of the municipality with rich cultural heritage (Kontrada Square with the Riko Debenjak Gallery, the Gothic House and the memorial room of the painter and graphic designer Riko Debenjak, Neptune Fountain, Church of the Assumption, Cave with the Lourdes statue, Keramost Gallery, masks from Lig, Museum Collection 1914-1917, Park Pečno)

37,1 km