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Family cycling tour along the bordering Idrija River

Short and undemanding circular family appropriate cycling tour. This tour will take you along the forgotten valley of the bordering Idrija River which is renowned for its crystal clear pools, tranquillity and nature. You will cycle along an unbusy road on the Slovenian side and return along the Italian side of the valley.

Start the tour in the hamlet of Britof next to the Okrepčevalnica Britof restaurant and descend to the intersection for the village of Golo Brdo. All along the trail you will be able to enjoy in splendid views of the crystal clear pools of the Idrija River below. Stop at an appropriate spot and take a walk to the riverbed. Continue along a gentle descent past the numerous riverbeds of torrential streams to the hamlet of Mišček. On the Slovenian side of the valley you will mainly find the remnants of old farms and the frontier guardhouse. Cross the Idrija River and cycle along the Italian side of the valley through several tidy hamlets and return along the paved road back to your starting point. You will find the finest part of Britof surrounding the Church of St. Cantianus with Late Gothic architecture. The warm air flowing from the Friuli lowlands makes this area very appropriate for growing chestnuts, however, there are only a few locals still living here. You can take a rest and refresh yourself with good food at the Okrepčevalnica Britof restaurant.

Cultural and natural sights along the tour:
- Melinki: Museum collection of Franc Jerončič

Sacral heritage along the tour:
- Lig: Marijino Celje Pilgrimage Centre (temple)

Other sights:
Connecting Path of the Three Temples

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9,6 km
1h 10min