The surface of the Municipality Kanal ob Soči stretches itself along the left and right banks of the Soča River and along the left bank of the Idrija River. The area is very diverse looked at from the point of relief, with plenty of creeks and torrents that discharge themselves into the two rivers. The greater part of the area is covered with forests that offer numerous possibilities for recreation, excursions, relaxation, hiking, etc.

We invite you kindly to embark on our trails and discover the hidden spots of our Municipality. The hilltops of the routes offer wonderful panoramic views over the valleys and the surrounding hills.

The suggested hiking trails are marked and designed in a circular way, due to which they allow starting at any entry point. 

  1. Walking trail on Lašček: Cvetrež - Bremec - Lašček - Cvetrež

    Time: 4h 30m
    Distance: 8km
    Difficulty: easy


    The forest path, by which we parked our car, splits immediately into two parts. We choose to go left and start descending slowly. After a couple of minutes of walking, we continue slightly to the right on the earth-track. The earth-track, which continues through the forest, takes us quickly to the crossroads of several paths and we select the one to the extreme left. The path then starts ascending moderately and we start walking on a somewhat narrower earth-track. Higher up, the earth-track becomes more gradual and leads us to the place, where it splits into two parts. Once again, we choose the left earth-track, which turns slowly into a poorly trodden path. Soon the path becomes wider again and leads us to the meadows under the »former« Bremec Homestead. At Bremec the path connects also with a road. However, we continue on past the house and along the gradual earth-track. From Bremec on, the forest starts getting a bit thinner, thus beautiful views on Matajur and Kanin and higher up on Krn and other surrounding mountain tops start to open. Somewhat further on we arrive at a larger meadow, where there is also a smaller pass. At this point, we leave the earth-track and continue to the right, across the meadow and to the shrub belt. The path over the meadow is of poor visibility, although as soon as we enter the shrub belt, there is no problem with the orientation. After a shorter gradual ascent we reach the other earth-track, which we follow to the left and leave it after a few metres, as blazes point us to the right, on a somewhat steeper mountain path. Only a little ahead, we reach a well-marked crossroads, where the path from Lokovec (starting point Pri Cerkvi) connects from the right, the path to the crossroad Vrh Ječmenc descends from the right, while a path to Lašček goes straight on. From the crossroad on we ascend gradually mainly through a low forest. The path we are on leads us quickly to the lookout at Lašček.

    Information: PD Valentin Stanič Kanal, www.pd-kanal.nvoplanota.si

    (Vir podatkov: PZS, kataster planinskih poti)

  2. Trail connecting three sanctuaries: connects Sveta Gora, Marijino Celje in Stara Gora

    Time: 10h 00m
    Distance: 34km
    Difficulty: moderate

    Marijino Celje, Lig

    The walkway between the temples offers two different options of reaching the village of Lig. The path from Lig to Stara Gora is always the same, due to which only the paths that lead us to the village of Lig and the temple of Marijino Celje shall be described. In the beginning we descend from Sveta Gora to Prleški vrh and continue in the direction towards the settlement of Baske, where we can choose between the path towards Deskle and the longer one towards Kanal.Sveta Gora s Korade



    The path towards Deskle (a) – The field path that leads us through the forest to the settlement of Paljevo takes 2 hours and 30 minutes of walking if starting from Sveta Gora. The other path takes us from Paljevo to Deskle in 30 minutes. Past Goljevica and Kamence, we ascend to Kanalski Kolovrat and to the settlement of Lig.

    The path towards Kanal (b) – From Prleški vrh and through the settlement of Baske, we reach Kanal. This route is 12.1 kilometres long and can be walked in 5 hours. In Kanal, we cross the bridge and continue on the steep winding road towards Lig up to Marijino Celje and forward to the already described path in the direction towards Stara Gora. If we check the duration of the walk we can see that it has taken us approximately 1.5 hours from Lig to Britof (3.5 km). From there we ascend by the Idrija River past the settlement Kodermaci to Oborča and continue forward to St. Anton and the villages of Markolini and Kauc to Stara Gora. It takes around 1 hour to reach Oborča, an additional ½ hour to the village of Markolini and an extra 1.5 hours to reach Stara Gora.

    On the way of the three temples, apart from the marvellous temples themselves, visitors can also admire natural, historical and cultural attractions of these places. In Kanal, you can visit the old town centre with Riko Debenjak's gallery and memorial room, a Gothic house, the picturesque Kontrada Square with the remains of defence towers, the Marija Vnebovzeta Church and the Neptune Fountain. If you opt for visiting Kanal during the summer, you can also come across some of numerous events: music or cultural events, sporting events, such as traditional diving from the bridge. Apart from the uinspoilt countryside of Kanalski Kolovrat, you can also visit one of the private collection of things from World War I, old houses (such as Lukčeva house in Kambreško, where you can see a well – preserved old fireplace). Beekeepers will offer you excellent honey, which was produced in the forests in unspoilt countryside of Kanalski Kolovrat. In autumn, you can go to the traditional chestnut festival that is held in the village of Lig.

    Duration of the walk: 10 hours (variation a) or 11 hours (variation b).

  3. Walking trail on Globočak: Kambreško - Globočak - Srednje - Kambreško

    Time: 2h 30m
    Distance: 7km
    Difficulty: easy

    pohod globočak 2011 048DSCN9212


    Globočak is an 809 m high peak that is located in the mountain range of Kanalski Kolovrat. From the top, where there are still some remains from the First World War present, there is no view due to the presence of a lush forest. On the top, you will find a small entry chest and in it an entry book with an attached stamp. The path to the top leads past the gorges and water reservoirs from the First World War, caverns and a Memorial Plaque that you will find on top of Globočak. We suggest you visit the kitchen with fireplace in the Lukčeva House in Kambreško that belongs among the monuments of local importance with an ethnological war collection.  


    pohod globočak 2011 022

    Information: PD Valentin Stanič Kanal, www.pd-kanal.nvoplanota.si

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  4. Trail in the footsteps of Valentin Stanič: Solkan - Sabotin - Vrhovlje - Korada - Kanal

    Time: 8h 00m
    Distance: 24 ali 13km
    Difficulty: moderate

    The Memorial March in honour of Valentin Stanič, a Priest, Teacher, Humanist and the predecessor of mountain climbing in Europe, goes from the Stanič trg in Solkan (103 metres above sea level) near Gorica, the centre of the former Gorica province, along the mountain ridge of Sabotin (609 metres above sea level) to Vrhovlje (420 metres above sea level) in Brda and over Korado (812 metres above sea level), along the Kanalski Kolovrat to Kanal. The March, therefore, connects Gorica, where Stanič worked for twenty-eight years, with Kanal, which is not far away from Bodrež, Stanič’s home village, and also close to Banjšica and Ročinj, where he had worked before he was transferred to Gorica.2

    Kanal-Lig-Korada 050

    Every year in March or April, there is a traditional March in memory of Stanič’s works. The March is organised by the local Mountaineering Society that is named after Stanič. The main March starts in Solkan (from 6.00 to 9.00 a.m.), while the shorter ones wind themselves from Solkan (from 6.00 to 9.00 a.m.) to Vrhovlje or from Vrhovlje (from 8.00 to 10.00 a.m.) to Kanal. The main March takes around 8 hours of moderate walking (without stops included) for the entire route and 4 hours for the shorter Marches. The entire route is marked adequately with hiking markings. The closing ceremony, with a cultural programme and the awarding of badges, acknowledgements and prizes, is in the afternoon hours at Kontrada in Kanal. A special bus connects Kanal with Solkan and Vrhovlje. The route offers mesmerising views over the Soča Valley and the surrounding hills.

    Lig (3)

    Information: PD Valentin Stanič Kanal, www.pd-kanal.nvoplanota.si

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  5. Prižnica memorial park path

    Time: 2h 30m
    Distance: km
    Difficulty: moderate

    Prižnica memorial park, which is in municipality Kanal ob Soči, is part of Walk of Peace from the Alps to the Adriatic.

    Začetek poti PlaveThe circular trail through the Prižnica memorial park starts above the settlement of Plave which is located 13 km north of Nova Gorica. Rising above the settlement is Hill 383 – Prižnica which is accessible from two different directions. The easiest access starts at the Plave settlement and runs along the so-called »Italian« side where a military track can easily be followed. It was constructed by Italian soldiers to supply their part of the battlefield. Access from the »Austrian« side is also possible, from the village of Paljevo (from the Church of St. Quirinus).


    The sightseeing trail on the »Italian« side starts at the second turn of the road from Plave to Paljevo. From that point onwards, a walking path should be followed which leads to the first viewing site – the Italian trough. The walk continues towards the remains of a big Italian cabin near the Avellino Brigade Cave. Then the trail ascends to the dressing station, and further on towards the summit a group of minor caves and fortified positions can be seen. Very soon the summit of Prižnica can be reached, where fierce combats were fought during the time of the Isonzo Front between the Italian and the Austro-Hungarian armies. Several remains of Austro-Hungarian trenches and fortified positions can still be seen there.

    With descending from the top of Prižnica we reach the small Church of St. Quirinus, where we can conclude the walk and return to the point of departure at Plave or we can continue towards Paljevo and Vodice, where we can visit the Vodice outdoor museum.


  6. Following the paths of our ancestors: Ročinj - Čičer - Ročinj

    Time: 3h 00m
    Distance: 6km
    Difficulty: moderate

    Oznaka poti na ČičerA new marked circle route with R-shaped blazes leads us up to the top of Čičer - a hill located above the village of Ročinj (199 metres above sea level). The letter »R« can signify both the village of Ročinj and Mr Rudi Brezavšček from Ročinj who set up and marked it in the period of two years.Zdenc

    His work and his thoughts were influenced heavily by Valentin Stanič, a Mountaineer, a Teacher, a Humanist and a Priest who worked in Ročinj from 1809 to 1819. In order to honour a memory of him, a House of Culture in Ročinj and a renovated former school in Ročinj were named after him.

    The hiking route runs mostly on the abandoned and until recently overgrown and with larger stones paved »vlake« (a grooved recesses in the ground that serve for the bringing of wood to the forest roads) that lead to Kambreška, Srednje and to the top of the hill itself. We can say with great certainty that Valentin Stanič walked along these routes when he was visiting his parishioners in the villages above Ročinj. From then bare hilltop, he had a remarkable view over Kaninsko pogorje, Krn, Avški kot and over the valley and, thus his hometown of Bodrež, Kanal, Anhovo, Deskle, etc.

    sv. PavelThe beginning and the end of the route can be found in the middle of the village of Ročinj, or more precisely, by the church, where a signpost indicates two directions – one that leads to the west and one that leads to the east. Walking along the western direction is much steeper. At first, the route goes past the Zdenc Spring and then it starts ascending along the old route to Kambreško and Preval (339 metres above sea level). If you have enough time to spare, do visit the St. Pavel’s Church (403 metres above sea level), which offers a splendid views to the villages of Avški kot, and then descend slowly to Preval. After reaching Preval, cross the road Ročinj – Kambreško and shortly after you will reach the former route that leads to the village of Srednje. The route needs to be continued up to the specially marked point, where you need to leave the road and turn right and go up to the top of Čičer (726 metres above sea level). Here, a registration book and a lovely bench overlooking Soča, Kanal and further down the valley awaits you. When returning, go forward along the ridge and then turn right and down towards the village. A little above the village you arrive to the lookout at the village of Ročinj. After taking in the beautiful views, continue on the route until reaching the starting point.

    Tabla z imeni dreves ob poti na ČičerIn addition to all the beautiful views, the route has also a horticultural dimension. Along the entire route, there are 34 signs indicating the names of the trees, which show to the large number of tree species present in the area.Ročinj

    We also recommend visiting the Arboretum in Ročinj at the address Ročinj 7. There you will see over 160 different tree species (sequoia, fir, Pinus, American cypresses, yew, cedar, ginkgo, maple, pine, pagoda, etc.). Additional information is available on the following telephone number: 00386 41 848 250 (Mr Rudi Brezavšček).

    Author of photos: Simon Prinčič

  7. Walking trail on Jelenk: Kanal - Kanalski Vrh - Jelenk - Kanalski Vrh - Kanal

    Time: 4h 30m
    Distance: 7km
    Difficulty: easy

    na Jelenku (Matajur, Kanin)

    The top of Jelenko (787 metres above sea level) is extremely rugged with typical Karren (i.e. elongated grooves on the barren surfaces of the hard limestone that form under the influence of flowing water). Therefore, we urge you to walk carefully along the sharp rocky ridges. Towards the northwest and north, there opens a view of the Alps with Matajur in the foreground, while the Kanin mountain range stretches itself in the background. Right from here reign Krn and Vrh (above Peski) followed by the Tolmin-Bohinj Mountains. Right in front of us is Kanalski Vrh, where an artificial lake, Avče PSP, lies behind the village (a man-made reservoir that belongs among the pumped storage plants and is one of the first examples of the construction of such a lake in Slovenia). If we look to the south, we can spot Sveta Gora and Sabotin, while Bate can be seen just below the foot of Jelenko. Kanalski Vrh is a settlement found at an altitude of 589 metres. Already at the entrance into the village it can be seen clearly that agriculture, mainly livestock, is developed here, so it will not be unusual to see a tractor, a baler or other farm equipment. During the walk you will be greeted by numerous cows that watch the hikers curiously. The village is famous for its St. Anton Padovanski Church that is located on top of the hill, just outside the village of Kanalski Vrh.  


    Information: PD Valentin Stanič Kanal, www.pd-kanal.nvoplanota.si

    (Vir podatkov: PZS, kataster planinskih poti)