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Tour from Kanal to the sightseeing Kanalski Kolovrat Ridge

This moderately demanding road cycling tour leads to the ridge of the extremely scenic Kanalski Kolovrat Ridge where the volume of traffic is low. All along the ridge road you can enjoy in views of the secluded hamlets above the valley of the Idrija River, Friuli lowlands and the Carnic Alps in the background and all the way to one of the finest World War I Outdoor museums. At the end of the tour you will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the Krn Mountain Range, Julian Alps and Soča Valley.

Start the tour in the town of Kanal and cycle past the village of Čolnica towards the village of Lig where you have to turn towards the village of Kambreško. When you reach the village you can replenish your water supply at the old trough next to the road and visit the Lukčeva hiša House where you will be able to find numerous old artefacts, documents, books and photographs showing the life on the Kanalski Kolovrat Ridge before the war. Its specific feature is the preserved fireplace which made the house an ethnological monument. Continue along the road to the village of Srednje. If you cycle to the Church of the Holy Trinity on the top you will be rewarded with views of the Julian Alps. Continue along the Kanalski Kolovrat Ridge past the hamlet of Pušno where you can replenish your water supply. From there on cycle to the Planinski dom pod Ježo Mountain hut where you can refresh yourself or continue to the Solarji Mountain pass. At this location you are only a stone’s throw away from the Kolovrat Outdoor Museum (World War I Museum). When you reach the end of the tour you can take a rest and enjoy in splendid views of the Krn Mountain range and the Soča Valley and take a walk along the renovated World War I military positions along the former Isonzo front. Return along the same way you came from to Kanal where you can refresh yourself, turn to the beach between the bridge and Kamp Korada or visit the old borough centre Kontrada, Riko Debenjak Gallery, fishing exhibition or the Church of the Assumption.

Sacral heritage along the tour:
- Kanal: Church of the Assumption, cave with the Lourdes statue
- Srednje: Church of the Holy Trinity

 Cultural and natural heritage along the tour:
- Kambreško: Lukčeva hiša House
- Outdoor Museum Kolovrat: World war I Museum
- Kanal: Park Pečno, Kanal Bridge, Riko Debenjak Gallery, Gothic House, Kontrada Square, Fishing exhibition, Museum Collection 1914-1917

Other sights:
- Juliana Trail

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47,6 km
6h 15min