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Tour across the Kanalski Kolovrat Ridge into the remote valley of the Idrija Rive

This demanding road cycling tour will take you along the paved road to the village of Lig on the Kanalski Kolovrat Ridge. From there you will descend into the valley of the Idrija River, which awaits rediscovery just like the Sleeping Beauty. On your tour along the low-traffic paved road surrounded by forest you will be able to visit the rare hamlets and meet people that still live in this historically and naturally rich area.

Start the tour in the town of Kanal and cycle towards the village of Lig past the village of Čolnica. When you reach the intersection, turn towards Lig and descend to the hamlet of Britof. If you would like to discover the rich history of this area, turn to the village of Melinki in the middle of the descent. In Melinki you can visit the surprisingly rich ethnological-carving collection of Franc Jerončič. It displays how people used to live in the valley of the Idrija River, events during World War I and includes numerous carving creations by Franc Jerončič. Your descent will end in the hamlet of Britof where you can recover your strength at the Okrepčevalnica Britof restaurant, which is renowned for excellent dishes. In Britof you can also visit the Church of St. Cantianus with its Late Gothic architecture. You will find the nicest part of the hamlet surrounding the church. The warm air flowing from the Friuli lowlands makes this area very appropriate for growing chestnuts which used to be distinctive for the entire Kanalski Kolovrat Ridge. Continue the tour from Britof in the direction of the village of Golo Brdo above the Idrija River. You will cycle along a smooth gravel road for a while and then continue along a steep paved road through the villages of Ukanje, Markiči back to the road Britof–Lig. When you reach Lig you can visit the Marijino Celje Pilgrimage centre which is also a wonderful sightseeing point because it is located on a peak above the village. Return along the same way you came from to Kanal where you can refresh yourself, turn to the beach between the bridge and Kamp Korada or visit the old borough centre Kontrada, Riko Debenjak Gallery, fishing exhibition or the Church of the Assumption.

Cultural and natural heritage along the tour:
- Melinki: Museum collection of Franc Jerončič
- Kanal: Park Pečno, Kanal Bridge, Riko Debenjak Gallery, Gothic House, Kontrada Square, Fishing exhibition, Museum Collection 1914-1917

Sacral heritage along the tour:
- Kanal: Church of the Assumption, cave with the Lourdes statue
- Britof: Church of St. Cantianus

Other sights:
- Walk of Peace
- Connecting Path of the Three Temples
- Juliana Trail
- Juliana Bike

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28,1 km
4h 45min