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Juliana Bike

JULIANA BIKE - ACCESS stage: Goriška Brda – Kanalski Kolovrat - Tolmin


The southern access trail to Juliana Bike from the Goriška Brda hills opens anew view to the connection of the Mediterranean with the alpine world. The historical connection of Slovenians across the high passes and mountains enabled the transfer of cultural, culinary and linguistic features along traderoutes; therefore, the contribution of the “southern door” with the Brda regionis exceptional and still has a great impact on the entire area below Mt. Triglav. The trail takes you from Šmartno, one of the most beautiful villages in Slovenia, across Vrhovlje to the panoramic Korada, where you will soon leave the vineyards behind. The pre-alpine world will open up in Kambreško, Srednje, Volče ... You will thus finish the loop between the pre-alpine worldand the Julian Alps by joining Juliana Bike in Tolmin.


48 km
6h 45min