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Trail connecting three sanctuaries: connects Sveta Gora, Marijino Celje in Stara Gora

The linking route of the three temples is a thematic path connecting three temples of Mary: on the Slovenian side Sveta Gora in the foothills of the Banjšice Plateau, Marija Celje in the Kanal Kolovrat Range, and on the Italian side Stara Gora (Castelmonte) above Čedad (Cividale del Friuli). It runs in the direction of traditional pilgrimage routes.

The walkway between the temples offers two different options of reaching the village of Lig. In the beginning, we descend from Sveta Gora to Preški vrh and continue in the direction towards the settlement of Baske, where we can choose between the path towards Deskle and the longer one towards Kanal.

The path towards Deskle (a) – The field path that leads us through the forest to the settlement of Paljevo takes 2 hours and 30 minutes of walking if starting from Sveta Gora. The other path takes us from Paljevo to Deskle in 30 minutes. Past Goljevica and Kamence, we ascend to Kanalski Kolovrat and to the settlement of Lig.

The path towards Kanal (b) – From Preški vrh and through the settlement of Baske, we reach Kanal. This route is 12.1 kilometres long and can be walked in 5 hours. In Kanal, we cross the bridge and continue through park Pečno towards Lig up to Marijino Celje.

From Marija Celje we continue towards Stara Gora. First, we descend to Britof, from where we ascend along the river Idrija past the settlement of Kodermaci to Oborča and further towards Sv. Anton and the villages of Markolini and Kauc to Stara Gora (4 hours 30 minutes).

On the way of the three temples, apart from the marvellous temples themselves, visitors can also admire natural, historical and cultural attractions of these places. There are lookout points opening panoramic views of the Soča and Idrija valleys, the Gorizia plain and Friuli, or to the north towards the Julian Alps. In Kanal, you can visit the old town centre with Riko Debenjak's gallery and memorial room, a Gothic house, the picturesque Kontrada Square with the remains of defence towers, the Marija Vnebovzeta Church and the Neptune Fountain. If you opt for visiting Kanal during the summer, you can also come across some of numerous events: music or cultural events, sporting events, such as traditional diving from the bridge. Apart from the uinspoilt countryside of Kanalski Kolovrat, you can also visit one of the private collection of things from World War I, old houses (such as Lukčeva house in Kambreško, where you can see a well – preserved old fireplace). Beekeepers will offer you excellent honey, which was produced in the forests in unspoilt countryside of Kanalski Kolovrat. In autumn, you can go to the traditional chestnut festival that is held in the village of Lig.


Duration of the walk: 10 hours (variation a) or 11 hours (variation b).

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