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Walking trail on Saint Pavel: pass the signs

Saint Paul above Ročinj The Church of St. Paul stretches west of the village Ročinj on a hill at 403 m. It was built in the Gothic architectural style in the late Middle Ages, but was thereafter renovated and extended several times. The diamond-star-shaped arched choir dates back to the last quarter of the 15th century, however, the bell tower was most probably added later. During World War One, the church was demolished to a large extent by the artillery fire, three of its bells were also lost. The villagers of Ročinj participated in the renovation, which took place in the 1930s. The roof ridge was made in the village and 27 men were needed to transport it to the church. Three new bells, weighing 396, 233 and 162 kilograms, were cast in the foundry De Poli of Vittorio Veneto in January 1933. They were brought to Ročinj in 1936 and baptized there. The godparents of the bells were the locals Justina Dugar, Angela Kamenšček and Jožef Malnič. Masses in the church were held in January on the Festival of the conversion of St. Paul, on Easter Monday which remains so even today, on Pentecost Monday and on the third day of the Festival of the Cross. Today, the church is best known for its stone monument depicting the Calvary. It includes Jesus, the two robbers and under the cross also Jesus' mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. In 1588, the Ročinj clergy purchased the mountain pasture Na Krasu close to Drežnica from the noble family of Cividale, from which the clergy received an annual rental of 15 pounds of cheese. In 1709, they sold the pasture and, according to tradition, used the proceeds to build the monument. Coming from the north through Preval, a statue of St. Paul stands near the church. On the path leading past the signs towards the church, the remains of three chapels can still be seen today, which were also marked on a military map from the end of the 18th century. Today, St. Paul is becoming a popular vantage and hiking spot.

The starting point of the route to the church of St. Paul is in the centre of Ročinj near the church of St. Andrew. First, the path descends to the spring of Zdenc, from here we take the left path and after about hundred meters, we reach the stream, where we continue straight up and cross the bridge over the stream (marked with the signboard Sv. Paul). We continue along a slightly ascending path and turn left at the first junction, at the second junction, we take the right path (marked with the signboard Sv. Pavel mimo znamenj). The path rises quite steeply, and along the path, the remains of three signs can be seen. After approximately 15 minutes of walk, we will catch sight of the church of St. Paul with the Calvary.

Length: 1.2 km
Acquired altitude: 212 m
Walking time: 35 minutes



Foto: Simon Prinčič

1,2 km