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Walking trail on Globočak: Kambreško - Globočak - Srednje

Globočak is an 809 m high peak in the Kanalski Kolovrat mountain range.

During the Isonzo Front, Globočak was one of the most important fortified Italian peaks on the Kolovrat ridge, as it offered a good view of the Soča Valley and the Banjščice plateau. Today, the view from the top obscures the forest.

Along the way and at the top we can see the remains from the First World War: caverns, ditches, troughs, water reservoirs and a memorial, which are today important monuments on the Walk of Peace from the Alps to the Adriatic. At the top is a registration box with a stamp and a registration book.

The visitor can experience the history and life in these places by visiting two private ethnological-war collections - in Lukčeva hiša he can see the kitchen with a fireplace or the museum collection of Franc Jerončič.

Below the village of Kambreško we can refresh ourselves in the pools of the river Idrija. In the village of Srednje stands the Church of the Holy Trinity from the 19th century. On the road to Ročinj, we see the 29-meter-long unsteady Savinka waterfall with two smaller waterfalls above and below it.


Information: PD Valentin Stanič Kanal, www.pd-kanal.nvoplanota.si

(Vir podatkov: PZS, kataster planinskih poti)


Step-by-step description

The circular route to Globočak can be started in Kambreško or Srednje.

A: Starting point Kambreško

We start our journey in Kambreško, near the monument of the National Liberation War, where there is a sign for Globočak and directs us to a side road that climbs through the village. Above the village, the road ends, continue along a grassy cart track to the mountain sign for Globočak and follow the mountain signs to the top. From the top we head towards Srednje.

B: Starting point Srednje

We start the trail at the beginning of the village of Srednje. From here, the signs for Globočak direct us to a narrow ascending paved path. At the bend, turn right onto a marked footpath, which after a steep section begins to climb more moderately through the forest. Higher, the trail descends slightly, then begins to climb moderately and leads us to the main ridge of Globočak, where the path from Kambreško joins. From here we continue to the left and soon arrive at a forest-covered peak.

From the top we head towards Kambreško.

​Foto: Damijan Simčič, Mitja Sodja

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3,6 km
1h 30min