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Thematic road Deskle

This is the new Deskle Themed Trail, connecting the village of Gorenje Deskle with the already existing learning trail located at the abandoned Lastivnica quarry and entitled 'Let's explore minerals in the cement industry'. The length of the circular route is about 5 km, and it consists of 16 different themed locations.

The purpose of the trail is to demonstrate how the quarry, its facilities and surroundings can be put to good use after they are no longer exploited, to showcase the coexistence of the industrial and natural environments and how the employees and the locals and people of different generations are interconnected, how to preserve natural, cultural and industrial heritage, annd to enable outdoor learning, recreation and socialising in this natural environment, and, last but not least, to promote our localities. Themed signs along the route explain the archaeological, historical and ethnological attractions, as well as the natural and cultural heritage of the area. Along the way, there is also a panoramic tower, which is set to become an interesting tourist attraction offering a view of our part of the valley, but it has not yet been cleared for access. We will continue with the landscaping and renovation next year. 

Guided tours are also possible by prior arrangement with TD Korada Deskle - Anhovo (info@td-korada.si).

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