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On Valentin Stanič steps

The Memorial March in honour of Valentin Stanič, a Priest, Teacher, Humanist and the predecessor of mountain climbing in Europe takes us from the Stanič Square in Solkan (103 m) near Gorica, the centre of the former Gorica province, along the mountain ridge of Sabotin (609 m) to Vrhovlje (420 m) in Brda and over Korada (812 m), along the Kanalski Kolovrat in Kanal. The march, therefore, connects Gorica, where Stanič worked for twenty-eight years, with Kanal that is not far away from Bodrež, Stanič’s home village, and also close by Banjšice and Ročinj, where he had worked before his transfer to Gorica.

The march is traditional and includes three versions and finish in Kanal.

Website: www.pd-kanal.nvoplanota.si

Foto: Simon Prinčič