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The walk of peace from the Alps to the Adriatic

The walk of Peace interconnects the areas and people and rich cultural and natural heritage along the onetime Isonzo Front. Is it a memorial to all who auddered in the time of the First World War and a warning against wars which sholuld never happen again. Above all it promotes the value of peace and the opportunities for common development. Numerous remains have been left behind the front which are now perfectly restored and maintained through the efords of various institutions and societes. Military cemeteries caves, trenches, charnel houses, chapels, monuments, outdoor museums and other memorials – are part of significant material and non material heritage of European history. Their testemony, mood and stories form the spin of today's Walk of Peace of Julian Alps to the Adriatic. The Walk is uniformly market , suit – able for hikers and bikers. Major places worth seeing are also accessible by car or bus. The Walk of Peace is the right coise for everyone who whises to spend their leisure time actively, experience magnificent views and beauties of nature, learn about history and culture, meet the locals, experience the life style of today and taste delicious local food.

Recommended are guided tours, with local tourist guides.

Prižnica Memorial park

The Great War left a lot of remains in the areas along the Soča. Military cemeteries, caves, trenches, monuments, outdoor museums and other memorials represent important historical heritage and constituate part of the Walk of Peace from the Alps to the Adriatic which also crosses the municipality of Kanal ob Soči. One branch of the Walk runs along the ridge of the Kolovrat range, the other runs along the left bank of the Soča and links the Prižnica memorial park and the Vodice outdoor museum.

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The Vodice outdoor museum

The area with numerous caves and trenches is arranged as an outdoor museum. On the top of Vodice a mausoleum was erected in honour of Italian general Maurizio Ferrante Gonzaga. is wish was to be buried in the place where his soldiers had died during the First World War. Because of the Second World War the mausoleum was not completed, so the general was not buried in it.

Vodice (4 of 22)

Through the memorial park Prižnica and Vodice you can take one of our quides (upon prior notice):

  • Matej Šuligoj - 00386 41 914 831 
  • Visitor centre »The Walk of Peace« (Kobarid) - 00386 (0)5 389 01 67

Other important points on the Walk of peace in the area of the municipality Kanal ob Soči:

  •  Globočak - was one of the more important fortified Italian peaks of the Kolovrat ridge in the time of the Isonzo Front. It offered an excelent view over the Soča valley and the Banjšice plateau. Arranged hiking paths run past numerous remains.

Kaverna, Globočak

  • Korada (St. Genderca) - The Italian Army fortified this strategic peak and used it for observation posts and gun positions. St. Gertrude (Gendrca) is the harbinger of spring works in the open air and the patron saint of the church under the top of Mt. Korada. The church, which was first mentioned in 1523, was destroyed during the 1st World War but was afterwards restored.

Sv. Gendrca

  • Private collections (Collection of Franc Jerončič in Melinki, Collection "Pri Jugovih" in Avšje, Collection 1914-1917 in Kanal, Lukčeva house in Kambreško)

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