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Marijino Celje

On the Kanalski Kolovrat, above the village of Lig at 676 m above sea level, reigns the Marijino Celje pilgrimage temple. In front of the church there is a marvellous outlook onto the Julian Alps in the north, in the heart of which presides Mount Krn, and on a clear day you can also see the highest Slovenian mountain Triglav in the background. Just in front of your very eyes, in the west, there is Matajur – a symbol that reminds us of the region of Venetian Slovenia (Beneška Slovenia). In the south, the view of Goriška Brda is blocked by Korada, Kanalski Kolovrat’s highest peak. If you look towards the Soča Valley in the direction of Nova Gorica, in the background, you can see the glittering Adriatic Sea. In case you want to see more, point your view at the church, then pass through the crest and the smooth road, the so-called “ridge road,” which leads from Lig to Goriška Brda. When looking from the road, you can admire the main Soča Valley and the Friulian Plains in all their beauty.

71473173_1424727687693200_4090717828431216640_o Lig in Marijino Celje (5 of 11) Lig in Marijino Celje (7 of 11)

Marijino Celje (3 of 13) juliana-trail-2020-kanal-17-mitja-sodja Plave Marijino Celje (1 of 1) Lig 46°05'37.2N 13°36'45.7E Marijino Celje, Lig 

The Marijino Celje Temple(1) - 360°

The Marijino Celje Temple(2) - 360°