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Natural climbing area is located approximately 500 meters from the main road Nova Gorica - Tolmin, turning on to a side street, in Ajba, where the limit is 50 km / h. Access to the wall, which is in a quiet place near a stream, is marked. Climbing area currently has seven climbing routes,  difficulties from C 5 to 7 B. The height of the wall is 15 meters, it`s width is currently around 20 meters. The wall is slightly overhanging and facing north, so it is especially suitable for climbing during the warmer months. In some parts it is possible to climb also after the rain. This point is also an excellent starting point for walking, jogging and riding mountain bikes (Potravno, Kračice, Humarji, Nekovo, Kotel, Brdo, Peršeti, Kambreško, Preval Ročinj, Sv. Peter, Sv. Pavel,Čičer,  Globočak).

The nearby accommodations include: Villa "Valter" in Ajba

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Climbing area in Dolga njiva

Access: A low climbing wall, which is well-hidden behind the lush trees, is located right by the road that runs by the Soča River from Nova Gorica to Bovec. The wall is distinguished by a good climbing rock.

The best time for visiting is from an early spring until autumn. Due to the cooling shade, the climbing is pleasant especially in the summer time. After long periods of constant rain, some climbing directions can be somewhat wet, although it is also possible to climb in the rain.

Climbing area in Ajba

The climbing area is suitable for families with children.

The nearby accommodations include: The accommodation »Pri Martinovih« in Zagora and Zeliščne sobe (Herbal Rooms) in Plave.

Nearby restaurants: Gostilna »Pri mostu«, Gostilna »Dermota« in Plave, »Ošterija Ložice« in Ložice (in the vicinity of Deskle), Okrepčevalnica »Dolga njiva« (opened between May and October), Pizzeria »Vinazza and Špik« in Deskle, Café »Tanja« in Deskle, ... 

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