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River Soča

With its distinct emerald green colour, the Soča River is considered as one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe.


It attracts numerous tourists from all over the world. On its 137 kilometres long path the Soča River, whose source lies in the Trenta Valley, crosses the Slovenian border and enters the Adriatic Sea in Italy.

The Soča Valley, or the valley running along the emerald green Soča River, winds itself from the northwest of Slovenia to Gorica, where it opens into wide flatlands.

The valley of the Soča River divides itself onto the upper and lower Soča Valley. The lower Soča Valley stretches itself from Most na Soči in the North, to Solkan in the South. The most important settlements in this part of the Valley are Kanal and Deskle.

In addition to its exceptional natural beauty, the Soča Valley attracts tourists also with its historical sites. Namely, the Soča Valley was the stage (front line) of major military operations during the World War I, and it was exactly the Soča River that witnessed the greatest bloodshed to happen on the Slovenian grounds.

Throughout the entire valley the Soča River attracts sportsmen, people in need of holidays and relaxation, fishermen, and other nature lovers. Due to its calm river flow in the lower part, the Soča River offers many bathing areas. In Kanal, on the River’s right bank, there is an access to the water from the Korada Autocamp, while access on its left bank is possible between the houses. Besides the swimming areas in the vicinity of the bridge, Kanal has another swimming area, namely right under the Fire Station. A bathing area is arranged also in the downstream village called Deskle (under the bridge).   



 62237520_1349994188499884_7535728293601869824_o 67307552_1370264039806232_3939753176835555328_o Kanal ob Soči (3 of 8) 93823049_1612390132260287_8768459799625990144_o  Foto: Primož Kožuh

SLOVENSKI VODNI KROG: Spodnja Soča from CV Koncept on Vimeo.