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The Kanal bridge

The Kanal bridge, which was originally made of wood, was built in 1580. Throughout history, the bridge has been demolished and rebuilt several times. The French, advancing towards Austria, destroyed it for the first time. Of course, the bridge was reconstructed and then, after the French left, it was destroyed again. Thanks to Valentin Stanič (a Priest, Mountaineer, Doctor, Typographer and the Founder of the school in the village of Banjščice), the bridge was reconstructed again in 1816. After that, the war settled the fate of the bridge. On 25th May 1915, the bridge was blown up, while in 1920, it was reconstructed again, and this bridge has been preserved up to this day. The bridge was spared from destruction in the Second World War.

It is undoubtedly the landmark of Kanal, as well as a place that is worth seeing. It is a popular sight attracting many artists and visitors from far and wide. The scenery of the place with its wonderful bridge is represented in many paintings. Every year in August, it is the place of the traditional Bridge jumps event.

Kanal ob Soči (8 of 8) Kanal 150 let NK (36 of 129) 66508235_1362093297289973_6658430199182393344_o 65372240_1349993761833260_7196284091757494272_o

Foto: Primož Kožuh


Take a look at a panorama of the surroundings.