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The Riko Debenjak Gallery


The Riko Debenjak gallery is situated in one of the three remaining defensive towers from the time of the Turkish sieges. Riko Debenjak, a painter and graphic artist from Kanal, donated a collection of his graphic art to the town, which is exhibited in the gallery during the summer months, while throughout the year, the exhibition features works by various artists. In front of the gallery stands a bust of Debenjak.


Tuesday: 17:00 - 19:00
Friday: 17:00 to 19:00


IMG_20211117_080143 Galerija_Rika_Debenjaka__2_ (1) Galerija_Rika_Debenjaka__10_ (1) 7DF161BE-2324-4B15-80D4-4B0B6B6BF3AB-153734C6-C95B-4D0B-AF20-3DB067B8CD32 D9895BD1-580D-49B6-BED6-B49B78E63611-6C61E414-BCEF-484E-9EF2-886AA2920750 B1264C86-1969-42F7-9287-B1106FD912A9-547754E9-5D08-49F6-89F4-E26B3A199D5D Kanal  gotska hiša galerija (2 of 20)  IMG_20211117_075942 Foto: Damijan Simčič, Vita Matjac



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