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"Jugova" House in Avšje - historical collection

The private collection in the village of Avšje is situated in the Jug family’s house (“Pri Jugovih”), which can be reached going along the road leading from Kanal towards Kal nad Kanalom. There you can see items from the First and Second World Wars, which were collected by a local man in the vicinity of the house and on the Banjščice Plateau, in Cerkno, Idrija, Bovec and elsewhere. Apart from the characteristic items such as bombs, grenades, guns, bayonets, first aid kit, visitors  can also see antique telephones and five military uniforms, which belonged to different soldiers from different countries.
In the “Pri Jugovih" house you can see an old fireplace, which is, to a certain degree, different from the one in the Lukčeva hiša House. Apart from the fireplace itself, many fireplace kits, kitchen fittings and different ethnological objects are also exhibited.

 JUGOVA ZBIRKA, AVŠJE Martin Levpušček, Avšje 3, Seniški Breg, SI–5213 Kanal +386 40 202 919/ martin.levpuscek@gmail.com


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