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St. Mihael's Church

Cerkev Svetega Mihaela - Gorenje Polje pri AnhovemLocalita: Gorenje Polje

The Church was built in 1484. The present main altar is a simple work from 1872. It is a Venetian type of a baldachin altar. There is a statue of the Archangel Mihael in it who is depicted as a knight. He is holding a sword in his left hand while his right hand is pointing upwards. Next to the Church is a cemetery, where a large stony cross with the Crucified is located. It is made from a single piece of stone and presents a local stone work from the second half of the 19th century. Among the Church, the belfry and the cemetery, a monument in the shape of a lighthouse can be found. It was erected in 1996, at the 50th anniversary of the martyrdom of the Priest Izidor Zavadlav.