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Soča root spirit is represented by Erik de Posarelli and Simona Drev, who have been exploring a slightly different world for the past few years. The journey took them through a network of circumstances into other spheres and dimensions of life. We started to discover our talents.

Erik breathed new life into the debris that was doomed to rot in the water and finish its mission. The result is unique or useful items that add a lot to your home. Simona, on the other hand, devotes herself to making inspiring pictures from Soča pebbles and twigs.

They have also included a tourist offer in their activity, which they implement in cooperation with the tourism agency Slovenia Nature. Knowing that our places are hidden gems, together we can present this to people who don't care about mass tourism and overcrowded tourist centers. It is intended for those who respect nature and know how to listen to the peace it offers and thus go deeper into themselves.

Soča root spirit offers:

- Products from wood debris for home use or decoration
- Pictures from Soča pebbles
- Guided trips with SUP boards on the Soča River
- Guided panoramic tours with a vintage off-road vehicle.

More information at: soca.root.spirit@gmail.com, +386 70 824 081
                             FB page: Soča root spirit

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