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Honey - Damijan Cristofoli


slika1-gifKal nad Kanalom 112
5214 Kal nad Kanalom

Tel.: 00386 41 551 609


Offer: different kinds of honey, honey with ginger, honey with cinnamon, honey with the juice of red beetroot, candles, soaps, wine, gifts, ...




The bees gather nectar at an altitude of 700 m, which has proved to be an extremely demanding task, especially from the bee keeping’s point of view. When the harvest is rich, we manage to pour honey twice, namely flower and linden honey.

Despite our modest quantities, we have succeeded to offer a whole range of honey delicacies, such as honey with ginger, honey with cinnamon, honey with dried fruit, cream honey, a mix of bee’s products, honey with red beet juice (where we have joined the good qualities of red beet and honey), and soap with honey, etc.

Numerous awards that have been given to us at various honey products evaluations and the satisfaction of our customers especially, confirm our successfulness in the realisation of our ideas.

Our work with bees is based on the idea that beekeeping is a way of life, where work and learning become a hobby, where only the best is good enough, where work becomes a pastime and learning means discovering of new dimensions and where quality is a never ending story.