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Bee-keeping - Silvia Rozman Gerbec


Ajba 16
5213 Kanal

Tel.: 00386 41 540 232
E-mail: silvia.rozman@gmail.com





The history of our bee-keeping dates back over a hundred years to the second half of the 19th century. Today, only a few stones remind us of the place where the beehives once stood, which speaks of our history.

Today, our bee-keeping includes around 100 beehives, which we also transport to get different types of honey. Thus, we are able to offer lime honey, acacia honey, floral honey, forest honey, fir honey and chestnut honey.

Our honey is also included in the SMGO system, i.e., Slovenian honey with a protected geographical indication of controlled quality. Awards from international evaluations also prove that our honey is truly of excellent quality. To be able to perform the work of a beekeeper even better, I obtained the national professional qualification of a "Beekeeper" at the Beekeepers' Association in 2018.

For many, the life of bees is an enigma, and so we want to introduce it to them. You are welcome to pay us a visit and experience a tasting of different types of honey and buy bee products, including pollen.

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