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Healing springs

In Laka

In Ročinj, turn towards the Kambreško village and further towards the Srednje village. Approx. in the middle of the path between the two villages, on the right, is a trough from the First World War. Above it is a water reservoir called V Lakah.

Laka 1 Laka 3


On the Lig - Vrhovlje ridge road, after the turn-off for Korada / Zarščina, locals call this place Kobalaršče, you can see a spring on the right side of the road. Under the road, there is nice reservoir with a trough.


From Kanal, head left through the underpass under the railway towards Gorenja Vas and on to Krstenice, where there is a spring of good water at the end of the village.

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Foto: Foto Pavšič Zavadlav

Nad Zagabrco

From the centre of Kanal continue to the right over the bridge and through the underpass under the railway in the direction of Lig. After approx. 1.5km of asphalted mountain trail a brook and a small water reservoir can be seen on the left. To the far left, 20m above the road is the Nad Zagabrco Spring.

Pri slani vodi

From the village Britof, take the road to the hamlet of Mišček along the Idrija River. After approx. 1.5km there is the Pri slani vodi Spring near the road. This water has a different taste than other waters.

Spring near the village Dolenje Nekovo

From Kanal, go right through the underpass under the railway to the Kanal - Lig road and turn left at the turnoff for Dolenje Nekovo. After 1 km on a macadam road, you reach a spring a few metres to the left above the road.

The St. James spring

On the Lig - Vrhovlje ridge road, take the turn-off for Debenje. After about 900 m, there is a waterhole under a clearing. It was named after the Church of St. James, which is on the ridge above the spring.

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Foto: Vita Matjac


From the road from Korada to Lig, turn right towards Vrtače. There is a large water reservoir with very good water on the turn between Spodnje in Zgornje Vrtače.

IMG_4890 IMG_4888 IMG_4882
Foto: Vita Matjac


From the village of Britof, head towards the church and then turn right onto the forest path. After 200 meters, you reach the brook bed, where you can still see the former reservoir and the spot for washing clothes.

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