Healing springs


Before reaching the factory in Anhovo, turn left towards Krstenice, where at the end of the village there is a spring of good water.

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The St. James spring

Return to the ridge road Lig – Vrhovlje and at the turning take the road to Debenje. After approx. 900 m below the clearing there is a reservoir. It was named after the Saint James church, which is on the ridge above the spring.

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V Lakah

In Ročinj, turn towards the Kambreško village and further towards the Srednje village. Approx. in the middle of the path between the two villages, on the right, is a trough from the First World War. Above it is a water reservoir called V Lakah.

Laka 1 Laka 3


From the road from Korada to Lig, turn right towards Vrtače. There is a large water reservoir with very good water on the turn between Spodnje in Zgornje Vrtače.

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Before going up to Britof, turn right and walk above the Idrija River. After 200m you will reach the brook-bed where you can still see the former reservoir and the spot for washing clothes.