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Ročinj museum collection

KolažA new museum collection is in Ročinj, a village located in the municipality of Kanal ob Soči. Its author is Aljoša Gerbec, a young collector from Ročinj. He was inspired to begin collecting by his grandmother Toni, with whom he spent many mornings and afternoons. She told him many stories and events from her youth during the war. Aljoša has been collecting military and ethnological objects since his early youth. He is fascinated by old military tools and weapons that were used and processed for domestic use after the war. His collection includes several 1000 various objects, which he either excavated himself or were donated to him by locals and other collectors. His items were collected in Ročinj, Doblar and the surrounding area. As a lover of history and antiquities, he also takes pride in his number of unique blacksmith creations and charcoal production. The museum is located in the former premises of the local community of Ročinj. Viewing is possible by prior arrangement.

There are many interesting exhibits on display in the Museum, and some particularly deserve highlighting.

1. AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN GAS MASK marked with number 2:

The gas mask has an accompanying filter and storage box. It served as the mandatory equipment of every soldier, as protection against gases: tear gas and chloride. Towards the end of the war, it also served as protection against deadly gases (e.g. mustard gas).


An Italian acetylene gas container that powered military reflector lamps and lights. Before World War I, most of home and public lighting was powered by acetylene-carbide + water. There were also many fires due to gas leaks.


In Ročinj, before World War I, there were multiple dedicative and secular societies, including singing and reading societies. An almost obligatory hive for young girls was to join the VIRGIN MARY society. The CERTIFICATE OF MEMBERSHIP in the picture dates back to 1905 and was donated to the collector.


An Italian barrel for transporting water on mules. The barrel is rounded on one side and flat on the other side, for the sake of transport. Records visible on the barrel: 36 L (36 litres), 917 (year 1917), 3G (3rd brigade), 74 (74th battalion).


An Italian postal bicycle from the years following World War I. It was also used as a postal bicycle in Ročinj - and, later on, for transportation to work. It was donated to the collector.


● Italian hiking/off-road lamp for the Veterli rifle. The lamp is conveniently foldable.

● An Austrian guard lamp for the Malnicher rifle. On its side, it has an attachment into which a bayonet is inserted, helping to keep the lamp fixed on the rifle.

(Foto: Simon Prinčič)

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Aljoša Gerbec, Ročinj 93, SI–5215 Ročinj
a+386 41 835 463 / gerbecaljosa@gmail.com