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Outdoor museum Vodice

Kaverna, VodiceSpomenik, Vodice

The area with numerous caves and trenches is arranged as an outdoor museum. On the top of Vodice a mausoleum was erected in honour of Italian general Maurizio Ferrante Gonzaga. His wish was to be buried in the place where his solders had died during the 1st World War. Because of the 2nd World War the mausoleum was not completed, so the general was not buried in it.

As the outdoor museum Vodice you can see the mausoleum we mentioned, a set of caves and other remains from the period of the 1st World War.

We recommend visiting the open air museum with our guides:

- Matej Šuligoj - 00386 41 057 023

- Fundacija Poti miru v Posočju – 00386 5 38 90 167

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