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Mountain lodge Pod Ježo

Kuščarji 3
5215 Ročinj

Tel.: 00386 51 320 284
E-mail: pdvs.kanal@gmail.com
Website: www.pd-kanal.nvoplanota.si

Working hours: The cottage will be open from May 27, 2023 until the end of August on Saturdays and Sundays.

At the request of smaller or larger groups wishing to stay overnight or as the home will be open in accordance with the agreement between the client and caregivers at home.

Available: 40 beds
Rooms with 1-4 beds: 10 EUR members of PZS, other 20 EUR
Rooms 5+ beds: 8 EUR members of PZS, other 16 EUR
Dormitory: 6 EUR members of PZS, other 12 EUR

Dining room: 50 seats

Access to the hut – by car:
• Along the local road from Most na Soči, across Sela pri Volčah and Volčanski rut to the parking lot in front of the hut, 13 km.
• Along the regional and local road from Kanal, past Ročinj and Kambreško, to the parking lot in front of the hut, 16 km.
• The hut can also be reached from the Solarji pass, while the pass can be reached from Volče or Livek.

There are no marked trails from the valley to the mountain hut.

Ascents to nearby peaks:
Ježa (949 m), 0.40 h (easy trail)
Deveti konfin (930 m), 0.40 h (easy trail)
Bukova ježa (958 m), 1.15 h (easy trail)
Platena (1038 m), 1.00 h (easy trail)
Na gradu/Monte Poclabuz (1114 m), 2.00 h (easy trail)


101526529_1578659832296695_7238066779153498112_oStolp Ježa  (4 of 9)Stolp Ježa  (6 of 9)