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Kal nad Kanalom

Kal nad Kanalom (3 of 14)

The area of Kal nad Kanalom lies in the south-western part of the Banjščice Plateau at 680 m above sea level. The village of Kal nad Kanalom is 25 km from Nova Gorica and 15 km from Kanal.

On Angel Sunday, the first Sunday in September, the local people celebrate their Local Festival as a remembrance of the blessing of the parish church, which occurred in 1892. It is interesting that the original  church, much smaller than the later one, which was built on the same place, was also blessed on Angel Sunday in 1596.  The events were registered on written documents, photocopies of which hang in the sacristy. The parish church is named after Saint George.

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The parish of Kal nad Kanalom also has a subsidiary St. Thomas’s Church, which lies above the village of Koprivišče. The church dates back to the end of the 15th century. It is built in the Gothic style. In recent years, reconstruction work has been done on the subsidiary church.

Sv. Tomaž, Kal nad Kanalom


The Folklore Dance Group comes from Kal nad Kanalom and was established in spring 2011 with the purpose of joining the people who is inspired by the past with an incentive and enthusiasm that the future has not been deprived of beautiful values and the essence of the living heritage.



The wider area of the Kal nad Kanalom is the ideal choice for all those who wants to cycle. An interesting tourist destination is also the Lašček Hill at 1079 m above sea level, which lies on the border between the Municipality of Kanal ob Soči and Nova Gorica. If you are on Lašček, and there is fine weather, you can see perfectly the Trieste Bay, then looking across to the Italian Dolomites, the Matajur Mountain, the Kanin Hills, The Mountain Krn, Črna prst and Triglav, as well as the Kamnian Alps.




In the winter, visitors can also choose to ski in Kal nad Kanalom, as the local people have arranged a ski slope with a ski lift (Information 00386 51 310 553).

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In the village, there is also the First World War cemetery, a monument in remembrance of the casualties of the National Liberation Struggle and a ossuary house of the fallen partisans.