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Levpa (1 of 9)The village of Levpa with its surroundings is composed of many hamlets. It is situated on the south-west slope of the Banjščice Plateau. It is squeezed in between the Soča Valley in the west, the Avšček Ravine in the south, the Kalski breg Slope in the north-east, and Sream Vogršček’s Ravine and Soča Valley’s Sheer Slope in the north-west.

Levpa is an extended village. There is very little of flat land in the surrounding hamlets. The main part of the village is composed of the hamlets Gornja (Upper) Levpa and Dolenja (Lower) Levpa. In Gornja Levpa, there is a branch school of the Kanal elementary school and Saint Stephen’s Parish Church,  while in Dolenja Levpa, there is a tavern, Levplast plant, Skrt’s organic farm and a monument in remembrance of those killed in the National Liberation Struggle. The surrounding hamlets are Bizjak, Sukavec, Krajc, Kras, Grašče, Robi, Zavrh, Testeni, Hoje, Košenija, Modrzeli and Mešnjak. Due to the mostly karst area, there are only a few permanent water springs. They appear only in places where there is a stratum of flysch. Even today, the majority of the population uses rainwater as the main source of drinking water. In the hamlet Robi there are two water vessels, or “močila,” as the local people call them, to enable livestock to drink.

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Donkey Races are organised in Levpa by the Levpa sports, cultural and tourist Association in August. It is a real competition with the main goal being fun and entertaining (and not being the first), what are the consequences of the racers and participants’ effort. 

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They also organize the traditional march "Kje so tiste stezice", which takes place in Levpa and its surrounding villages (through DSCN0116villages Seniški Breg, Avšje, then through Zatrebež and Zavrh to Košenija and Mešnjak, Robi, Bizjaki, Grašče, Kras, Krajc, Sukavec, and ends at the starting point in the sport park in Levpa). During the march the visitors taste local dishes which are prepared by local people from Levpa.