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The village of Lig lies on the crest of the Kanalski Kolovrat to the west of Kanal. Lig, the biggest village, is the centre of the local community of Lig.
The local community of Lig spreads across the western slope of the main area of Kanalski Kolovrat. In the River Idrija’s Valley, Lig borders with Italy, but on the opposite side of the border, there is ‘Venetian Slovenia’ rising above the valley, in the South leading to the Friulian Plain.

Above the village of Lig the land rises and at 676 m above sea level reigns the Marijino Celje pilgrimage temple. In front of the church there is a marvellous outlook onto the Julian Alps in the north, in the heart of which presides Mount Krn, and on a clear day you can also see the highest Slovenian mountain Triglav in the background. Just in front of your very eyes, in the west, there is Matajur – a symbol that reminds us of the region of Venetian Slovenia (Beneška Slovenia). In the south, the view of Goriška Brda is blocked by Korada, Kanalski Kolovrat’s highest peak. If you look towards the Soča Valley in the direction of Nova Gorica, in the background, you can see the glittering Adriatic Sea. In case you want to see more, point your view at the church, then pass through the crest and the smooth road, the so-called “ridge road,” which leads from Lig to Goriška Brda. When looking from the road, you can admire the main Soča Valley and the Friulian Plains in all their beauty.

Lig in Marijino Celje (1 of 11) Lig in Marijino Celje (11 of 11) Marijino Celje, Lig

Starting from the Marijino Celje Peak, the roads wind towards River Idrija’s Valley in the west, and River Soča’s Valley in the east, these being a part of the linking road of the three temples: Sveta Gora above Nova Gorica, Stara Gora above Cividale and Marijino Celje above Lig. In recent times, these roads were a daunting task for all those who opted not only for marches, cycling and horse-riding, but also for driving. In fact, there are many churches adorning the crest, where you can stop at. Apart from Marijino Celje, the most important one is Saint Kancijan’s Church in Britof. Inside the church there is one rarely preserved Gothic altar, composed of three corridors in Slovenia, also a golden altar in the Baroque style, and frescoes from the 16th century. The church is built on a slope just above the River Idrija bank. During the summer, the River Idrija, flowing along the border between Italy and Slovenia, is a resort where visitors can enjoy swimming in the tranquillity of unspoilt nature surrounding the river.

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Foto: Vita Matjac

Liški kostanj

Warm air, advancing from the Friuli Plain across the valley to these places, greatly contributes to the thriving of Spanish chestnut in the villages along Idrija, Marijaceljski kolači (1)whereas in higher areas, for example the nearby Lig, thrives the well-known Lig’s chestnut. More than 40 years ago, the local people were enthusiastic about the quantity of this tasty autumnal fruit that is why they began to organise the Chestnut Festival, which is even to this day considered as the main event in Lig.

At the event visitor can taste chestnut and other local products (honey) and local sweets called "Marijaceljski kolači".


You will find Franc Jerončič’s museum collection in the village of Melinki, which is only a few kilometres away from Lig. The collection is divided into three parts:

- ethnological collection, composed of 70 pieces of rural implements, such as rakes, hayforks and dungforks, scythes, wicker baskets, baskets etc.

- collection of the things from World War I, such as guns, knives, bayonets, pieces of grenades, bombs, helmets, chests and medical instruments etc.

- the collection of carving trade objects, such as: different personalities and motives taken from rural life, various implements and things, e.g.  cups, bowls, spoons and even a Slovenian soldier in his full-size.

Information: Melinki 3, tel.: 00386 5 309 3014, www.zoranvolleyart.si

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Foto: Vita Matjac

The traditional masks in the Municipality of Kanal ob Soči came from Lig and are a handwork of Branko Žnidarčič. Carnival masks and costumes can be seen in Kanal.

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Foto: Primož Kožuh