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Deskle - Anhovo

Sv. Jurij-Gorenje DeskleThe town of Deskle is the second biggest town in the Municipality of Kanal ob Soči. It was first mentioned in 1084. The town is kulturni dom Deskle 17.10.00
composed of two parts: the older part (Gornje Deskle), which is situated in the upper part of the town, while the newer part is situated next to the street leading from the Soča Valley to Nova Gorica, and onwards to the sea. Deskle became the second biggest town in the municipality thanks to the biggest cement industry in Slovenia, which is situated in its immediate vicinity.

From older times until now, Deskle has been well-known for its rich cultural activities. On this subject, an important role is played by the cultural association of Deskle – Deskle Freedom Cultural Association (Kulturno društvo Svododa Deskle), which every year organizes several cultural events of good quality in their cultural centre. This building is thus the place where many cultural events, choir meetings, brass bands and theatre performances take place. Among the most important events. we should mention just a few, Littoral choirs sing (Primorski zbori pojejo), Brass Band Competition (Revija pihalnih orkestrov) and Deskle Cultural Week (Teden kulture v Desklah).
Salonit Anhovo Brass Band with its rich musical tradition and the Twirling Group from Deskle represents the municipality on many events and competitions.IMG_3790

To sum up, many sporting and cultural events are held in the associations of this place. In the nearby village of Ložice, a sport and entertainment centre was built. It has two tennis courts open to the general public, and a pitch where you can play seven-a-side football, volleyball, handball basket-ball, and there is also a bowling green with two tracks, a field for beach volley and a playground for children.st_IMG_4006






There are also many religious monuments in the local community of Deskle. There is Saint George’s Church, which was consecrated in 1929 with an altar in the Baroque style dating from the 18th century. Visitors can admire not only Saint George’s statue by the artist Novelli from Gorizia, but also frescoes by the painters Humek and Slapernik.

Sv. Ahac-Prilesje 2

Saint Ahac’s Church in Prilesje is the real gem of the municipality’s cultural heritage. The church is renowned for its frescoes dating back to 1560, which had a significant impact on Slovenian painting.  

In the vicinity of Deskle, there are many other churches, i.e. Saint Michael’s Church in Gorenje polje, John the Baptist’s Church in Plave, Saint Kvirin’s Church in Paljevo, Saint Matthew’s Church in Kamence, Saint Volbenk’s Church in Goljevica.
If you want to see some of these churches, you can take an excursion which goes along the path of three sanctuaries.




The area, which is the part of the connecting path of the three temples and the walk of peace from the Alps to the Adriatic, is the area with many caves and trenches arranged in the open-air museum. At the top of the Vodice is a mausoleum erected in honor of the Italian General Maurizio Ferrante Gonzaga. His wish was to ne buried in the place where his soldiers had died during the 1st World War. (Source: www.prohereditate.com, author of the photos of mausoleum, monument and caves: Mitja Madon)




Spomenik, Vodice Mavzolej Vodice Kaverna na Vodicah Vodice (1 of 22)


Nearby, in the village Plave, you can visit a  Memorial Park Prižnica, which leads you trough many remains od the 1st World War (caves, trenches, fortified positions, residues of dressing station, the church of St. Kvirin, ...). We have to mention also the top of the hill Prižnica, which was at the time of the Isonzo Front, the scene of severe fighting between Italian and Austro-Hungarian armies

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