St. Mary of the Assumption church

Cerkev Marijinega vnebovzetja - Kanal


Location: Kanal

The church is situated right in the place, where pilgrim’s church used to be. Three-part presbytery with an arch in a star like ribbed form is thought to be, as far as its engraved date on the pillar is concerned, the oldest one of this type in Slovenia. The aisle in the Baroque style with its monumental Palladiev’s façade was built between 1787 and 1795. The higher marble altar was built in 1760 Sončna ura, Kanalby the stonecutters from Gorica, whereas the lateral altars were built in 1662 and 1689. The fresco representing the Assumption of St. Mary, which is on the aisle ceiling, was produced in 1931. The vaults that date back to the same time as there was still a cemetery in the proximity of the church have also been preserved.


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St. Mary of the Assumption church(1) - 360°

St. Mary of the Assumption church(2) - 360°