Kanalski Vrh

KANALSKI VRH - in the idyllic village of Kanalski Vrh in the western part of the Banjška plateau, at 625 meters above sea level, there is the accumulation lake of the Avče Pump, which is used for the production of electricity. In addition, the location is also classified as one of the most interesting points of sightseeing in the municipality of Kanal ob Soči. The lake offers wonderful views of the hillside.

Akumulacijsko jezero, Kanalski VrhAkumulacijsko jezero Kanalski VrhKanalski vrh 46°04'57.1N 13°40'09.5EKanalski Vrh - HE Avče (14 of 27)Kanalski Vrh - HE Avče (8 of 27)


KORADA - a hill located on west side of the Soča River, on the edge of Kanalski Kolovrat. From the top there is a beautiful view on most mountains above the Soča river, from its source to the outflow to the Adriatic Sea. From the top you can see almost everything from Triglav, Jalovec, Kanin, Krn and Matajur to the Sveta Gora and Sabotin. In good weather we can also see the Dolomites, the Carnic Alps, the already mentioned Julian Alps, the Kamniško Savinjske Alps, the Golake and Snežnik ... Only a few minutes walk from the top to the east we see the church of Sv. Gendrca.

Kanal-Lig-Korada 050Kanal-Lig-Korada 045cerkvica sv. Gendrca IMG_0157


LAŠČEK (1071 m) - is the highest peak of the Banjška plateau and lies in the Municipality of Nova Gorica. The starting point for Lašček is also from Kal nad Kanalom (from the village Cvetrež). After about 1 hour walk we reach the peak Lašček, where the view opens towards the Julian Alps, Dolomites, Mt. Sveta gora and towards the Adriatic Sea. In the distance, in clear weather, we can also see Triglav, who shyly shouts behind the Julian Alps. On Lašček there is a board with marked areas where our view can reach, as well as a book and a stamp.

lašček 2lašček 4lašček1


Marijino Celje

MARIJINO CELJE - above the village of Lig the land rises and at 676 m above sea level reigns the Marijino Celje pilgrimage temple. In front of the church there is a marvellous outlook onto the Julian Alps in the north, in the heart of which presides Mount Krn, and on a clear day you can also see the highest Slovenian mountain Triglav in the background. Just in front of your very eyes, in the west, there is Matajur – a symbol that reminds us of the region of Venetian Slovenia (Beneška Slovenia). In the south, the view of Goriška Brda is blocked by Korada, Kanalski Kolovrat’s highest peak. If you look towards the Soča Valley in the direction of Nova Gorica, in the background, you can see the glittering Adriatic Sea. In case you want to see more, point your view at the church, then pass through the crest and the smooth road, the so-called “ridge road,” which leads from Lig to Goriška Brda. When looking from the road, you can admire the main Soča Valley and the Friulian Plains in all their beauty.

71473173_1424727687693200_4090717828431216640_o Lig in Marijino Celje (5 of 11) Lig in Marijino Celje (7 of 11)

Marijino Celje (3 of 13)Plave Marijino Celje (1 of 1)Lig 46°05'37.2N 13°36'45.7EMarijino Celje, Lig

Park Pečno

PARK PEČNO - is a meeting point of nature, culture, sport and various events. It has been growing and developing since 2014 with the cleaning of overgrown forests and the implementation of various themes and events. The park is open, the entrance is free. The hiking trail in the park leads to a beautiful view of the Kanal.

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VRHAVČ - when we arrive to Vrhavč, a wonderful view opens to the Soča Valley, the Julian Alps, the Dolomites. We can breathe, relax and enjoy wonderful views.


_DSC0490razgled z Vrhavča