Educational trail: Following the paths of our ancestors (Ročinj - Čičer - Ročinj)

A new marked circle route with R-shaped blazes leads us up to the top of Čičer - a hill located above the village of Ročinj (199 metres above sea level). The letter »R« can signify both the village of Ročinj and Mr. Rudi Brezavšček from Ročinj who set up and marked it in the period of two years.Zdenc

His work and his thoughts were influenced heavily by Valentin Stanič, a Mountaineer, a Teacher, a Humanist and a Priest who worked in Ročinj from 1809 to 1819. In order to honour a memory of him, a House of Culture in Ročinj and a renovated former school in Ročinj were named after him.Oznaka poti na Čičer

Razgled s ČičerjaThe hiking route runs mostly on the abandoned and until recently overgrown and with larger stones paved »vlake« (a grooved recesses in the ground that serve for the bringing of wood to the forest roads) that lead to Kambreška, Srednje and to the top of the hill itself. We can say with great certainty that Valentin Stanič walked along these routes when he was visiting his parishioners in the villages above Ročinj. From then bare hilltop, he had a remarkable view over Kaninsko pogorje, Krn, Avški kot and over the valley and, thus his hometown of Bodrež, Kanal, Anhovo, Deskle, etc.

The beginning and the end of the route can be found in the middle of the village of Ročinj, or more precisely, by the church, where a signpost indicates two directions – one that leads to the west and one that leads to the east. Walking along the western direction is much steeper. At first, the route goes past the Zdenc Spring and then it starts ascending along the old route to Kambreško and Preval (339 metres above sea level). If you have enough time to spare, do visit the St. Pavel’s Church (403 metres sv. Pavelabove sea level), which offers a splendid views to the villages of Avški kot, and then descend slowly to Preval. After reaching Preval, cross the road Ročinj – Kambreško and shortly after you will reach the former route that leads to the village of Srednje. The route needs to be continued up to the specially marked point, where you need to leave the road and turn right and go up to the top of Čičer (726 metres above sea level). Here, a registration book and a lovely bench overlooking Soča, Kanal and further down the valley awaits you. When returning, go forward along the ridge and then turn right and down towards the village. A little above the village you arrive to the lookout at the village of Ročinj. After taking in the beautiful views, continue on the route until reaching the starting point.

Tabla z imeni dreves ob poti na ČičerIn addition to all the beautiful views, the route has also a horticultural dimension. Along the entire route, there are 34 signs indicating the names of the trees, which show to the large number of tree species present in the area.

We also recommend visiting the Arboretum in Ročinj at the address Ročinj 7. There you will see over 160 different tree species (sequoia, fir, Pinus, American cypresses, yew, cedar, ginkgo, maple, pine, pagoda, etc.). Additional information is available on the following telephone number: 00386 41 848 250 (Mr Rudi Brezavšček).

Data about the trail: - time: 3h, - distance: 6km, - difficulty: medium difficult

Čičer: 726 m above sea level

Author of photos: Simon Prinčič