Small arboretum in Ročinj

Drevesni park, RočinjThe Arboretum consists of about 160 different tree species, ranging from Sequoias, Fir and Pine trees, American Cypress, Yew trees, Ginkgos, Maple trees, Pagoda trees, Spruce trees, etc. Besides the already mentioned trees, the Arboretum also offers shelter to some of the trees we do not detect in our surroundings or do not even know. The owner of the tree nursery, Rudolf Brezavšček from Ročinj, has been cultivating a love for trees and nature in general from a very young age. So, in the 80s’ of the previous century, he finally realised his idea and designed a small Arboretum behind his house in Ročinj, where one can truly enjoy the beauty of nature and relax. Rudolf’s tale about his love for trees and designing of the tree nursery that we can admire today is a really interesting one. The oldest tree in the tree nursery is a Spruce tree, which he brought back from his father’s home town Vrše nad Čepovanom as a five-year-old boy. Most of the trees in the tree nursery come from Volčji potok, while the others are brought from all over the world. Several varieties of Ginkgos that were formed 250 million years ago, even before the era of the dinosaurs, can be found among them. The tree nursery (located at the address Ročinj 7, by the main road towards Tolmin) is on view to the public by prior arrangement with Mr. Rudolf Brezavšček on the following telephone number: 00386 41 848 250.