Kontrada Square

Kontrada is the oldest settlement area of Kanal, formed in the period from the High Middle Ages to the 19th century. The first mention of Kanal is connected to the mention of its church (Church of Mary) in 1296. It is believed that the court of the Counts of Gorizia stood nearby as well. The word kontrada is of Italian origin and derives from the words in contrarsi meaning to meet. 

Kontrada is the heart of the summer cultural activities in Kanal. It was renovated in 2019. The Medieval stone square surrounded by narrowly constructed buildings is accessible from the northern and southern directions through a vaulted entrance. The square opens up a view to the complex of the Gothic house and Kolar's house featuring an exhibition room, a gallery and memorial room named after the graphic artist Riko Debenjak. The gallery was arranged in 1977 in one of the four defence towers. Today it is well established in a wide cultural sphere. 

Pionirska Street leads from Kontrada Square, the narrowest street in Kanal, which was created during the times of the Turkish sieges. The oldest house in the Canal is the Petrucka house. 

In the competition My Country - Beautiful and Hospitable 2019, Kontrada Square received 1st place in the category of market cores.

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