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Kal nad Kanalom Foklore dance group

The Kal nad Kanalom Folklore Dance Group was established in spring 2011 with the purpose of joining the people who the past inspired with an incentive and enthusiasm that the future has not been deprived of beautiful values and the essence of the living heritage.Tolmin 29.3.2015 SLIKA!

Under the expert guidance of Mr Marko Prapertnik and Mrs Ines Paravan the folklore dancers enjoy in presenting themselves with a medley of Kal, the Littoral and Carinthia dances that are accompanied by the old tunes of the musicians called “Nikoli mlajši” (Never Younger) and folk singing. They help preserve the dialect, old customs and habits and recreate the dresses of the locals from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. The replicas of the Kal’s “tahmašnih gvantov” (mass clothes), which are not only the folklore costumes, but dresses with stories written by life in the villages before the First World War, have been designed by Ms Elza Pavšič according to the photographs and descriptions of the locals. The members of the Folklore Group have cooperated actively also in the researching of the clothing culture on the Trnovsko-Banjška Plateau and the creation of the eponymous book issued by the KTD Lokovec.  RR0135-

RR0116-Within a short time of their activity, the folklore dancers have managed to present the name Kal nad Kanalom over the wider area and to dance at many events in our and the neighbouring municipalities for local holidays, village fetes, regional gatherings of folklore groups and charity events. They have successfully passed their first guest performance in Štajerska (Styria) and cooperated at the Days of National Costumes and Clothing Heritage in Kamnik and the Festival of the Third Age (F3ŽO) at Cankar Hall. In addition to that, they have also performed at an event called “Prešernov smenj” in Kranj and carried a piece of Kal’s culture across the border to Italy, where they represented our country at the Mondiale del Folklore Festival. They have also danced proudly at the meeting of the Presidents of Slovenia and Italy, Mr Borut Pahor and Mr Gorgio Napolitano, on Sveta gora.

The greatest challenge of the interpretation of life in the past has most definitely presented the preparation and creation of the cultural-ethnological event, at home in Kal nad Kanalom at the succursal church of St. Tomaž. The stony Gothic beauty, which dates back to the first half of the 15th century, retains numerous folk tales and a rich dance tradition. There extend our roots, there our ancestors organised fairs and danced the old Kal’s dances - oberštajer, sedemštirov, cotiš and špicpolko. According to the tales of the locals, Professor Mirko Ramovš has described the dances in a book called “Polka je ukazana” (Polka is Commanded). The dances present only a fragment of the living heritage that the folklore dancers wish to preserve and pass over to the younger generations.

The Kal nad Kanalom Folklore Group, which is a member of the Union of Traditional Folk Groups of Slovenia, has been cooperating successfully with the Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities, the Gorica Museum, the Municipality of Kanal ob Soči and the neighbouring local communities and associations within and outside of the municipality.

President of the Association: Darja Rijavec, tel.: 00386 31 717 060, e-mail: darja.rijavec@yahoo.comtrio Nikoli mlajši

Author of the text: Darja Rijavec
Foto: Robert Rijavec, Branko Cvetrežnik



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