Kanal's Castle

Grad Kanal (6 of 7)Unfortunately, there is only history about Kanal’s Castle that has been preserved. There are no written sources about the Castle, even though it was mentioned in a document from 1264. After having changed owners many times, in 1624, the Castle became the property of Count Rabbata, nobility from Kanal. After his death, the Castle became the property of the Count Coronini, who later on sold the Castle to the French Duc de Blacas and his co-owners. That happened in 1830. The new proprietors transformed the Castle into a place of business, and then, in 1903, they sold it again to the Count Coronini. Up to the First World War, the Austrian Seventh Hunting Battalion used to live in this place, but later on its members were sent to the front. When Italy declared war on Austria, and the front line approached Kanal, Italian grenades destroyed the castle.
After the First World War, the Architect Nibrant restored the Castle and changed it again into a place of business. Later on Nibrant went bankrupt, and the Castle was sold at auction. After having been bought by an Italian from Udine, by Mr Del Valle, the Castle was finally Grad Kanal (4 of 7)passed over to the people.

But today, almost nothing has been preserved from the Castle. Despite that, in Kanal there is a part of the town, the Castle area, named after the Castle. It is believed that Napoleon himself spent a night in the Castle. On that very night his horse perished, and was thus buried in the vicinity of the castle. That is why this place was named after Napoleon's horse, i.e. Na Konjevem.  It was after Napoleon that several bridges in the Municipality of Kanal were given the name.