Traditional Masquerade Masks

The Masquerade Masks and costumes from Lig in the area of Kanalski Kolovrat have a real ethnological and cultural meaning.


The Liški pustje Ethnological Association originated from the love of this tradition. The group works especially during the period when the masquerade tradition of dressing up is celebrated.

All the masquerade costumes of the Liški pustje Ethnological Association are handmade, as well as the tinplate masks. The visitor can admire the masks during the whole year with a prior appointment with the president of the Ethnological Association Branko Žnidarčič (tel.: 00386 41 858 059).  It was he who also helped to revive the carnival tradition of dressing up again. 

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 Liške maske, Nika Šimac Liški pustje - foto Žbogar Rajko (58) Liški pustje - foto Žbogar Rajko (59)

Foto: Primož Kožuh, Nika Šimac, Rajko Žbogar