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Franc Jerončič’s Museum Collection

Near Lig, in the village Melinki, you can visit Franc Jerončič’s private Museum collection.

Jerončič's collection includes many war, ethnological and carving objects. From 2008, the collection is arranged in a former barn in Melinki, and in 2013 it expaned to the lower part of the building.

Ethnological and war artifacts from World War I and World War II are the legacy of the Jerončič family or have been found, bought by the owner or donated to him by people who know about his museum and his enthusiasm for collecting. The carved products were created in the last 20 years, when Franc fulfilled his childhood dreams and started carving.

The museum is divided into three parts:

  • Ethnological department approx. 575 various items. 

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  • The First World War, about 300 objects, plans, materials from the Roman archives, all material is connected to Kanalski kolovrat. 

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  • Carving section, approx. 300 exhibits.

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Foto: Vita Matjac

Franc Jerončič’s museum

Melinki 5
5213 Kanal

Tel.: 00386 31 312 719 (Zoran)
E-mail: zoran.jeroncic@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.zoranvolleyart.si/index.php
FB page: Etnološko rezbarski muzej Franca Jerončiča