Franc Jerončič’s Museum Collection

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You will find Franc Jerončič’s Museum collection in the village of Melinki in Kanalski Kolovrat, which is only a few kilometres away from the frontier of Britof. The collection is divided into three parts:foto8

  • Ethnological collection, composed of 570 pieces of rural implements, such as rakes, hayforks and dung forks, scythes, wicker baskets, baskets etc.

  • Collection of the things from World War I, such as guns, knives, bayonets, pieces of grenades, bombs, helmets, chests and medical instruments etc.

  •  Collection of carving trade objects, such as: Different personalities and motifs taken from rural life, various implements and items, e.g. cups, bowls, spoons and even a s full-size Slovenian soldier.

Franc Jerončič’s museum
Melinki 5, 5213 Kanal

Tel.: 00386 51 334 457, 00386 31 312 719



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Entrance fee:
Adults 3 EUR
​Children up to 18 years 1 EUR



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