The Lukčeva House – Ethnological Monument

g In order to preserve historical and cultural heritages that are characteristic of the area of Kanalski Kolovrat, the kitchen with fireplace in the Lukčeva House was proclaimed as an ethnological monument. In the first years of the 20th century, the House which was originally a shop with food, then a restaurant, was afterwards renovated. The most important thing in the house is the entrance vestibule paved in stone, and the kitchen with a fireplace and wood-burning oven dating back to the 19th century.

The fireplace is made completely  of stone and you may reach it from three sides. Apart from the fireplace equipment, the main part of the fireplace is the bench in the fireplace. The fire was important not only for heating of everyday food, but also to heat the rooms.On the left side of the fireplace, there is an independent bread-baking oven, which was not  linked directly with the fireplace. The fact that they were close one another was probably dictated only by the common emission of fumes.

The fireplace in the Lukčeva House is one of the last preserved fireplaces in Kanalski Kolovrat, and it is an excellent example of the development of the architecture in these villages. Apart from the fireplace, visitors can also admire the ethological collection, the collection of old documents, letters, notes, paintings and the museum collection of things from First World War, which were found in the vicinity of Kambreško and Globočak. One part of the museum collection are also the things that have been found recently which belonged to the Military Hospital, where Italian soldiers and even the Marshal Badoglio were given medical treatment.

If you opt for visiting the Lukčeva hiša House, you have to make a call to Mrs Jožica Strgar on 00386 41 528 592.
For further information, please call at the Kanal Tourist Centre, tel.: 00386 5 39 81 213.

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The Lukčeva house
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